Siavash Momeny

Originally from Iran, Siavash Momeny graduated from Tehran University before immigrating to New Zealand over twenty years ago.

Inferences of migration and change are prominent themes in Momeny’s paintings. He depicts objects wrapped in newspaper and although their surface is masked, the objects are usually clearly recognisable. The “newspaper” often includes political and social messages.

Artist’s comment:

Objects from our past are locked in with our memories and associations. By covering an object, it becomes universal rather than specific and the viewer may see it from their memory. When items were wrapped and put away, the newspapers used to protect them were current – therefore another reminder of not only the personal memory of the object, but also the wider association of what was happening in the world at that particular time.

The sight of recognizable forms wrapped up also communicates the idea of moving from place to place – the transient nature of our lives and the mental state associated with this event.”