Sandra Whyte: Limited Edition prints and Originals

Sandra’s home town is Whangarei, in the North Island of New Zealand. Here she has a wonderful base to work from with an abundance of unexplored forests, sit and soak beaches and the lure of country treasures begging to be painted.

The self-taught artist enjoys the challenge of discovering new techniques, sourcing sustainable, archival materials and using them to portray her work in the best possible light. Her love of ventures wide and deep throughout the country sees endless opportunities for painting her passion. Believing the subject need only possess a spark that ignites a memory, a dream or a reality for her to paint it with intent. Enjoying the process of working from life sees a freshness emerging from Sandra’s work. Paintings that breathe with vitality and draw you in, to the mesmerizing moment.

Knowledge gained through experience and eye watering hours spent studying your craft isn’t worth a cent unless it’s shared with those that show an interest in what makes you tick. Sandra feels it’s a privilege to be an artist and would like to help others fulfill their dreams of ‘oil painting with passion’ to learn the process

Smaller matted works range from $135 - $155

Larger matted works are priced at $265