If you are  a lover of beautiful paintings, have an appreciation for the more traditional Old Masters (Neoclassical) style, or if you are an aspiring artist with the classical style as your goal: You are definitely in the right place. 

"Beauty to Uplift the Soul" is the reason Sandie paints. With classical training under the guidance of local and international artists, Sandie's work evokes a sense of timelessness and stability in a Contemporary World where uncertainty is the norm.

Oil paint is her passion and her greatest love is to capture the effect of light as it moves across the canvas in a variety of subject matter, be it still life with its endless possibilities, landscapes and seascapes, travel memories and even our beloved pets.

Her work has been featured in the International Apero Art Catalogue (, as well as the New Zealand Aotearoa Artist Magazine ( with front cover image as well as article Sept 2021)