New Zealand Artist | Painting

Ross Lee 1945-

Ross is an award winning, established professional International landscape painter of both classical and contemporary realism expressions. His paintings are sought after in New Zealand and overseas by serious collectors, and have been established in major art galleries, ensuring his place as a leading landscape artist of exceptional talent.

His focus is on light and the majestic feel of powerful skies and looming mountains that take your breath away.

‘The point of my art is to be creative to a point where the feeling of really being there is presented to the viewer, where rays of light sparkle in the distance, where mist pours over peaks so realistic, it encourages you to step into the painting. Most of all, it is the peace and tranquility and the beauty of nature..…where the art comes alive with a spiritual essence that ignites within the viewer and propels them into realising that what they see, they can also feel.’