Peter Hackett


Peter Hackett

“I am not just using oil paint to describe a meadow, I am using a meadow to describe oil paint.”

Peter Hackett’s paintings invoke notions of passion, scent, texture, colour and the incomparable beauty of nature. His impasto layers are thick enough that the brush strokes are intentionally obvious, these brush strokes play an important role in the theatrical light in the painting. His painting style creates a unique, almost sculptural quality, the intoxicating works feel close enough to touch and are so seductive that it's hard not too. Peter creates a feeling of intimacy and this is enhanced by viewing at a low perspective, allowing us to lose ourselves further into the meadows of flowers.

Peter seeks to establish a dominant theme to his work, concentrating his efforts on maturing the subject matter and technique without surrendering to the influences of social trends. His inspiration, the swathes of flowers which fill the fields surrounding his Dairy Flat studio during spring and summer.

Peter studied in Paris under the guidance of highly respected artists such as Camillo Otero and Suzanne Runacher. His time spent at the Paris American Academy of Fine Arts and Languages became the catalyst for the experimentation evident in Peter’s work.

Peter’s work is recognized worldwide, and his paintings are represented in significant private and public collections in America, England, Italy, France, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. Peter has been a finalist in several major art awards including the Air New Zealand Art Award, The Nola Holmwood Memorial Portrait Prize, The Elder Este Art Award and The Windsor and Newton Art Award.