Peter Hackett


From a very young age I pursued a career in the fine arts, specialising in drawing and painting in every school I attended during my formative years.

After leaving the compulsory constraints of high school art classes I travelled to Paris, France earning a scholarship in sculpture, painting, printmaking and life drawing whilst studying under some of the most respected names in the Parisian art world such as Camillo Otero and Susanne Runacher. The sweet taste of student life in a liberal art school like The Paris American Academy became the catalyst to the unrestrained experimentation evident in my work for the next ten years.

From 1990 to the turn of the century the experimentation gave way to a recognisable style and a preoccupation with extending my technical range instead of pursuing a narrative. I seek to establish a dominant theme to my work, concentrating my efforts on maturing the subject matter and technique without surrendering to the influences of social trends.

“I have been a finalist in several major art awards including the Air New Zealand Art Award, The Nola Holmwood Memorial Portrait Prize, The Eider Este Art Award and have also received a silver medal in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. My predominantly large works have been exhibited in France, America, Australia, and New Zealand with consistent public interest and I have been rewarded with a faithful customer base.”