Olivier Duhamel


Olivier Duhamel is a figurative sculptor specialising in bronze figurines.

Classical and elegant in style, his creations do not convey any particular message, do not attempt any conceptual or symbolist exploration, nor do they search to be innovative at all cost. Olivier Duhamel is rather simply trying to capture the beauty and sensuality of his subject of study.

Like few other sculptors, Olivier Duhamel casts his own bronzes in is home foundry. This allows him to maintain full control over the entire creative process. He prides himself on the quality of his craftsmanship.

Loyal to his inspiration to the female nude, Olivier Duhamel also makes finely rendered pencil drawings and offers body casting services. He accepts commissions for portraits drawings and life castings.

A New Zealander since 1987, French born Olivier Duhamel lives and works on Waiheke Island. He warmly welcomes visitors to his home studio and workshop.