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Michael Scheele is widely known for his New Zealand fishing landscapes, bird paintings and finely detailed watercolors of individual flies.

“Over the last few years, I have been enjoying much success with my art as it's been exhibited in not only local exhibitions but my very own exhibition at Clearview Winery in 2012, while last year saw me win 'The People's Choice Award'.

My work has been sold internationally, including Japan and the USA”

The latest newspaper report on Michael Scheele's Art Award at Riverton.

Winning a southern competition recently has proven a bittersweet experience for an Otatara artist.

Experienced water colorist Michael Scheele said he was "breathless" to discover he had won the $2000 Preston Russell Law Supreme Art Award at the Riverton Community Arts Centre this month.

But popularity came at an emotional cost, he found.

"The work - Horizon - was also bought by the law firm that sponsored the exhibition, and it's one I've been very attached to for quite a while.

``Seeing the work, some would think it was a straightforward piece, but I could never replicate it.I have mixed emotions seeing it go, although the firm has said I can visit from time to time," Scheele said.

Horizon was part of a series of large watercolors on paper executed by the artist in 2015, and inspired by his return to Oreti Beach for the first time in several years.

"The changes in light and skies at Oreti are just amazing. It's one of my favorite places to be, with superb, special, expansive outlooks."

Painting similarly expansive watercolors could occasionally lead to "white fright," he said.

"It's a case of, 'Where do you start?' It can be quite daunting."

Scheele already had plans for next year's Riverton exhibition.

"I've got something in mind, possibly along the lines of the bird series I've also been working on. I won't be leaving these big skyscapes alone, but there are other avenues to explore."

Although bittersweet, winning the competition - his first as a professional artist - had also conjured more lighthearted memories.

"I recall 50 years ago the local radio station held a competition to make an animal out of a vegetable, which I won with a crocodile made out of a parsnip.

``On that occasion I received as my prize an autographed photo of the station mascot, Bertie Budgie, signed with a couple of claw prints, so I feel progress is being made," he said.