Lisa Wisse Robinson

Lisa Wisse-Robinson

I began my career as an artist in 1999, when I found it difficult to find that perfect painting to enhance my newly renovated home.

And so it began.

My passion for creating art is linked to my love of Interior Design, in the way collections of beautiful objects and textures can enhance and inspire our daily life.
I use texture, a strong play of light and dark, layered with a filagree of gold among the multi faceted planes.

I strive to recreate impressions of beauty ,currently in the form of dreamy petals and strong abstract landscapes both richly hued and elegantly pale, laced with gold.

In 2011 a devastating earthquake struck my beautiful garden city of Christchurch, leaving broken souls in a broken city. Facing destroyed property and the loss of my lovely friend, my life of art seemed so meaningless.  I then moved to the beautiful city of Sydney, and my harborside apartment kindled my passion for painting again. 

I have now returned to NZ, living firstly on the stunning Queenstown Hill, with the stunning lake views inspiring me to create a whole new series of work - my abstract landscapes.

Now l live and paint in my beautiful Nelson studio, have released a new series of vineyard paintings, and love welcoming visitors to my working studio!

I predominantly use a large palette knife instead of brushwork, creating a relaxed and melting effect on my canvases.

I love to use delicious cocktail and dessert titles for my work, I perceive both flavors and colors as interchangeable! 

Art should grab your heart, lift your soul and drink in the story told by the Artist.