Kathie Sumpter

Kathie Sumpter was born in 1951 in the Waikato before moving North to Ruawai where her parents bought a dairy farm.
Kathie was always interested in art and being a self taught artist drew her inspiration from what she saw around her both on the farm and through her travels around New Zealand.
As a young artist Kathie met Jos Kivits who was her mentor  and inspired her to paint way beyond her previous capabilities. 
Kathies works are keenly sort after and she sells many still life, floral,horses, dogs and hen pieces.
Kathie painted the horse of the year for the Auckland Racing club.
American  Academy of Equine  Art.
Kathies works were accepted to be exhibited in there Juried exhibition  .
Over a thousand paintings from all over the world are recieved by them. Kathies works were accepted three times.
Kathie has painted for over 40 years but sadly due to a family crisis she had to stop for a period of time. Kathie is back painting now and loving it.