Kate Watson


From a very early age Kate Watson began sketching people.

This led to a career in advertising after leaving school. In particular creating the fashion adverts for well-known department store Kirkcaldy’s and Stains in Wellington. Kate has painted sporadically throughout her life, however being widowed young, and raising 3 daughters, and having business commitments, meant there was not enough time to devote to a career in art.

On arriving in Queenstown ten years ago, Kate began working in a gift shop, and it was during this time that Kate had a vivid dream of a red headed Jazz singer, which prompted her to get out of bed and immediately start painting this vision. The red headed lady has become a signature piece in Kate’s paintings.

Kate believes the luckiest day in her life was the day her paintings caught the eye of well-known international artist Ivan Clarke.

Ivan later offered Kate the opportunity of a lifetime to be resident artist in his new gallery.

This wonderful offer has led to Kate developing her paintings and due to her success was invited to be featured in a recently released art book named "New Zealand's Favourite Artists" by Denis Robinson.

Kate's large acrylic paintings feature mainly Jazz and Classical scenes, and she has become well known for her wine country panels. She also specializes in creating personal paintings for her clients for their special moments in life.

Kate feels her paintings express energy and a passion for living that she experiences in her own life, and that as she continues life's journey, her paintings will expand and develop in different areas.