Jos Coufreur

Jos Coufreur took up painting and drawing from a very early age. He first began to exhibit and sell his artwork from the age of 13 in Australia. At age 17 his Dutch parents took the family back to Holland where he attended the Royal Academy of Art in Den Bosch. He met and married his wife Hilly and together they moved to New Zealand where they have 4 grown children. They now live and work in picturesque Papamoa in the Bay of Plenty. "I find painting an extremely rewarding and fulfilling occupation. Each painting brings with it new challenges to solve. When it all comes together it gives me a real buzz and when someone is moved by the result then nothing could be better," says Jos. Jos has collected numerous awards in local (Auckland & Waikato) competitions over the years. His painting of Audrey (in the style of the works below) was accepted as a finalist for the Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards this year..