"My work is the result of interest in and love for recycled materials – wood; fabric; metal; degraded paints – which I source from demolition sites, beaches, railway lines and other places. Treasures can be found anywhere, really.

I am especially fond of scrap wood. It has texture, appeal, history and is inherently original. I also have an affinity with textures which I try to achieve both in the 2D and the 3D form by using layer on layer of paints and/or materials such as leaves, paper, sand and soil and fabric.

Initially focused on large multimedia artwork - I exhibited both in the Manawatu (Thermostat Gallery in Palmerston North; the Fielding Arts Awards, for which I was a recipient twice) and also in the Netherlands (, I am  increasingly interested in the idea of taking the artwork outside. To me, the outside walls of a house are a canvas. Brought to the outside, the work takes on another life, another identity, another role. It ‘dresses’ the house while also inviting the passer-by to take notice, observe, contemplate and perhaps be inspired. I mainly use for this recycled hard woods as my starting 'canvas' such as Matai and Rimu which I find at demolition sites. The use of tar in older New Zealand buildings (to prevent wood worm) which you might find attached to the wood often is used as a graphic design starting point.

My latest work are paintings on recycled hard & particle board with an emphasis on texture and includes figures, based on, and the result of, my ongoing reflection on the theme of immigration."

Job Klijn