Jane de France


Jane is an Auckland based artist who paints from her own studio.

Her talent was born from a strong artistic family environment. As a child she was inspired by her grandfathers paintings and her mothers drawings. She has fond memories of sketching horses with her mother from a very young age. Today Janes inspiration and encouragement comes from many sources including her husband, a singer songwriter.

Jane is a member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and exhibits with exclusive New Zealand Galleries.

She is fortunate that her artwork has attracted a very positive response, achieving sales both nationally and internationally

with representation in private and public collections. Her generosity is displayed in her gift to various charities

and is the recipient of several awards. 

Judges  comment - 'Roses in the Storm' is a painting of roses floating in a vaporous mist, de France's subject is caught between conflicting impressions of serenity and chaos. Yet, here is also an artist who in her finest moments is capable of manipulating paint on canvas to its best advantage.

Her awareness of tradition and her technical ability has given her the foundation from which to develop her own style as an expressionist. 

Janes work is described as passionate, beautiful, ethereal, strong and soulful.



Painting gives me immense joy and satisfaction, striving always to paint my best painting next.  

A painting begins with a concept only, seeking subjective emotions and responses to the subject matter.  This takes on its own development throughout  a process of layering, rubbing back, glazing and reapplying until subtle images suggest the course of direction to each piece of artwork. My work gains richness, luminosity and depth, evoking beauty, serenity and warmth.  My work has developed as I have as a person. When I look over past work, I see direct influences and reasons for what I have produced. I have a sense of beauty and contentment around me now which I feel reflects in my art today.

I do hope you enjoy my artwork as my collectors do: recalling how much enjoyment it gives them, where they hang their artwork and how proud they are to show it off.               A special thank you to those who have shared this with me.


       "A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself" 

            (A Maslow quotes (American Philosopher and Psychologist, 1908 - 1970)