Ivan Clarke

About The Artist

Ivan resides on the doorstep of a UNESCO world heritage park in the beautiful southern-lakes region of New Zealand. As a second generation artist, Ivan started imitating his father at the easel.  When he was 11 he started selling his art without most being aware a child had painted them. His pastime soon became an enterprise as he grew up and learned the family trade of sign painting, illustration and commercial art.

 Clarke also considers his abilities as a painter as a "gift" which has seen him take an unconventional route to commercial and artistic success.

Primarily working as a landscape painter, he later discovered the creative world of fantasy with the Lonely Dog series. Warner Brothers bought the movie rights in 2009.

"That was not premeditated. It just grew that way. Through the journey I've discovered writing - I didn't know there was an author in me. It is like I'm being led down this path and I don't know what's through the next door. I'm quite happy about that."

Front of house for the Lonely Dog brand is now based in New York.