Frans Huysmans

Frans Huysmans

Frans Huysmans is of Dutch descent from a long line of artists including his name-sake Frans Huysmans and Grandfather, a renown expressionist painter and founder of the ‘Bergen School’ in North Holland, who reputedly was close friend with the French painter Gauguin.

Frans Huysmans feels the call to paint as an urge beyond simple aesthetics and the desire to express, something he feels comes from his lineage and a legacy of his Dutch ancestry.

“I feel a deep seated, almost cellular, need to communicate my ideas through the medium of painting, with each piece I produce a translation of emotional energy captured in an image, suspended until released by another person’s viewing of the work, adding their own emotions and assumptions.

I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of themes and overlay of cultures, the commute of people through time and situations not always of their own volition and often more the result of random and unintentional life journeys into different places and the unknown.

This inspires my painting to capture feelings of solitary journeys, always ending up with the premise that we are alone in life even though we share experiences with others. My paintings tend to express isolation and a certain sense of emptiness without wanting to verge on the morbid.”

Having trained as a graphic designer as well as studying fine arts while at college, Frans is now dedicating more of his time to painting and pursing his artistic ambition, as well as other creative endeavours including writing and playing Jazz. Frans Huysmans lives in Auckland with his partner and their two children in the heart of Parnell’s creative quarter.