Darren Roberts

Darren Roberts Artist

I was drawn to art as early as I can remember. In my early professional years I trained as an illustrator and graphic artist,  I worked in drawing, brush and ink, graphics and airbrushing.

I have dedicated as much time as possible over the last 25 years to oil landscape paintings, initially learning the basics of color mixing, composition and being able to recreate what I see in a literal way.

Over recent years I have been experimenting with my skills to build oil landscape paintings with thick texture and richness to create a free interpretation of my world.

At a distance the images often still represent reality, but with thick paint rather than minute detail. I want to explore what I can do with further abstraction, simplification and freedom.

I have a long history of working in galleries, including Queenstown Art Centre, Ivan Clarke Gallery and have exhibited in Central Gallery in Queenstown as well as partnering with artist Graham Brinsley in a studio and gallery near Arrowtown.

With my wife Ali we have built a home gallery surrounded by vineyards in the rural setting of Letts Gully near Alexandra, Central Otago and you are very welcome to view my work by appointment.