Dana Rose

I have been a visual artist for about 20 years, teaching others in my own home the joy of drawing and painting. 

During this time I have been awarded the following 8 prizes in National Art Awards:

2002 - Work featured in "NZ Food, Wine and Art" publication.

2003 - 2nd prize, Molly Morpeth Canaday Award

2003 - 1st Place, Westpac painting award

2007 - 3rd Place, Peters Doig Art Award

2008 - North Shore City Merit Prize

2010 - 2nd Place, Peters Doig Art Award

2011 - 2nd Place, North Otago Art Award

2011 - 2nd Place, Yealands Estate "Art on a Bottle"

2012 - Merit Prize, City of Dunedin Art Award


I tend to work in series which invariably have environmental themes, ideas of interdependence, evolution/transformation and ambiguity.

At present I am focusing on Coastal life (I live within sight of Tahunanui beach) and childhood landscape ( I was born and bought up in Central Otago). I like to draw/paint intimate aspects, rosehips, rocks and wildlife rather than scenes, using realistic images within imaginary compositions.

The Central Otago landscape has never left my heart so I will always feel a deep connection to it.