Clare Riddington- Jones

Clare Riddington-Jones


I am an Australian born artist who has been painting for over 20 years.  My art journey commenced in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  My first venture was into watercolours and I joined the Queensland Watercolour Society and was fortunate enough to attend many informative workshops with some of the best water colourists in Australia.  Their talent and dedication to their art was very inspiring and encouraged me to continue to study and practise. 


After exhibiting in group exhibitions at Noosa Regional Gallery with watercolours I then discovered acrylics and fell in love with the versatility of this medium.   More workshops and art courses  were attended with contemporary artists and my journey continued.  I also attended the Winter School at the NSW Art Institute in Sydney and from this time I entered and sold many works at Art Shows on the Sunshine Coast and continue to do so.   I am very fortunate to know, and enjoy the company of many talented artists in Noosa.


 The wonderful scenery of the Sunshine Coast is a constant source of inspiration for my paintings.  The sunlight on water, the pelicans and shore birds wading in the river, the sails on the yachts, the waves ebbing and flowing are some of the wonderful images waiting to be translated onto canvas.


 I have also spent a few months each year, for the past 15 years, in the stunning atmosphere of the outback of Australia, which has to be experienced to believe how very unique it is.    As I enjoy this amazing scenery I continue to add to my collection of wonderful photographs which will be a constant source of inspiration for future paintings.


My style of painting is somewhat eclectic as I am constantly striving to portray the beauty of the scenery around me in my own manner.  In attempting to share my vision with the viewers of my art I am always finding more exciting subjects to paint and am enjoying the challenge of portraying these subjects in many different ways.


 I spend five months each year in the beautiful town of Queenstown, New Zealand and belong to the Queenstown Art Society.  I really enjoy being a part of this talented group and the Art Society Annual Exhibition has been a wonderful source of many sales to people from all over the world over the last ten years.   I have recently completed another solo exhibition of contemporary landscapes this time entitled "Mountain Moods"  at the Cloakroom Gallery in Queenstown, and I am also represented by  Central Art Gallery, Queenstown.


 The wonderful scenery and peacefulness of the Alpine region is very inspiring and my garden is a constant source of wonderful material for my floral art.   People respond to the beauty of flowers and I am quite passionate about portraying the intricate curves and folds, the vibrant and subtle colours, the glow of sunlight through petals and the autumn glow in the ever changing seasons.  Tramping in the surrounding mountains is a delightful way of adding inspiration for the many landscape paintings trying to release themselves from my crowded mind.   I will never have enough time to transfer all these wonderful images to canvas – but I will try!


I have now discovered the joys of oil paints and am delighted to be able to give expression to my love of nature with the wonderful buttery consistency of the paint but I also enjoy the versatility of acrylics which lend themselves to the spontaneity of semi-abstract art where I like to use texture to give variety and depth to my paintings.  I am very fortunate to live in a time when there is such an abundance of paints and mediums from which to choose.


 I was pleased to win first prize in the Open Section of the Sunshine Coast Art for Leukaemia.


 My work is currently for sale at Central Art Gallery, 71 beach Street ,Queenstown.

Phone 021.2682962