Brian Millard

Brian Millard is one of New Zealand's leading watercolorists. His work transcends the ordinary. It is often breathtakingly beautiful, expressing the clarity and subtlety of the New Zealand landscape. Millard's work is not however restricted to landscape.

His paintings of people rank amongst the finest in the genre. His work can be challenging, entertaining and awesome in its virtuosity.

Brian Millard is currently represented in New Zealand by a number of top galleries including the International Art Centre, Auckland, Fishers Fine Arts in Christchurch and The Artist's Room, Dunedin. ( As well as two overseas galleries in Australia and England).

Millard's work has received many awards and has been featured several times in "The Australian Artist".
He has exhibited in several countries, most recently England, Bangkok and Thailand where the exhibition sold out. His work hangs in private collections around the world, including those of Air New Zealand and the Thai Royal Family. In 1998 and 1999, Millard's work was selected to represent New Zealand in the Asian Pacific Watercolor Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.
He is also a popular and sought after tutor of watercolor and life drawing, both nationally and internationally