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Tracy Ellerton, born in Bendigo Australia, is a self taught artist who has been exhibiting on a regular basis since the mid 90s when she re-located to Melbourne. Her hand-drawn cartoons appeared on music related websites in the early 90s and the transition from drawing to painting began in 1998 when she was invited to exhibit in a group show in Gertrude St in Melbourne. After working in the music industry for almost twenty years, her Album Covers show in 2001 attracted the attention of collectors with the majority of works selling within days.

Ellerton's repertoire of subject matter is vast, although her unique style is instantly recognisable by those familiar with her work. Nothing is as it seems with Ellerton's work which at first sight can be both confronting and engaging. Trademark heavily worked canvasses, multi-layered, scratched and cracked surfaces in reds, black and gold are feature throughout Melbourne.

Animals have always been present in her work, but her fascination with "the humanity of the animal" has become more prevalent within the last five years. She first started painting animals for the amusement of her pet cat Huffy, who spent 10 years by her side, quietly watching as she painted day and night. He would spend hours looking at paintings and often the pictures would be placed on the floor for his viewing pleasure. It was not unusual to come home and find him sitting amongst his pictures. Huffy passed away earlier this year and the Master's cat series is a celebration of his contribution to her work for the past ten year


710mm x 610mm Acrylic on panel framed size

On the secondary market. Price listed on back $1950.00