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The Komiri Series
Komiri was a small 1920’s era cottage surrounded by native bush, (karaka and Pohutikawa
trees) on the outskirts of Long Bay, on Auckland’s North Shore. It became the setting for a
series of interior paintings. Inspired by the well kept period furnishings and diffused light as
seen in the paintings ‘the candlewick bedspread’ and the ‘vermillion slip’ Kenny thought of
the bach in much the same way as a film director would choose a location or stage set, to tell
a story set within a particular era. This intimate series portrays feelings of solitude and peace
indeed the Maori word ‘Komiri translates roughly to mean a ’retreat’ or ‘a place of refuge.
‘Kenny was endlessly fascinated by the moodiness and changing light within the interior
of the cottage. It was as a world within itself- he recalls one day while he was working on
a painting he heard a strange noise, turning around to see what the commotion was, to
discover a horse curiously staring back at him through the whitney windows.



Grant Kenny
Oil on linen panel, (210mmx 270mm)framed size 330mm x 390mm watergilded frame in 22.kt gold
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