Dallas Seccombe-Young - Scorched Earth Policy


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Dallas Seccombe-Young - Scorched Earth Policy ‘ 3 panels of coloured , textured and etched cement and plaster lightly fired on an open fire , and in an old cedar window frame  , Measuring 1350 x 600mm $2400.00

Dallas Seccombe-Young became interested in art and music at an early age. Later on at high school, he developed a keen eye for sculpture and graphic illustration, during which time he attended classes with the Waikato Society of Arts. Completing a Diploma of graphics, illustration and photography at the Waikato Technical Institute gave Dallas a good grounding in the arts and media.

Dallas is inspired by form and texture. His highly tactile works are the result of his fascination with, and tendency to collect, ‘bits and pieces’ that have a quality he can work with. Dallas creates frames composed of recycled wood, metal bars and wire, which are as vital to his works as the images they support.

His work is so lavishly tactile that the Bledisloe Trust of the Royal Foundation for the Blind commissioned a piece from Dallas because it could be appreciated by touching. Furthermore, the materials Dallas composed this commission of were sourced from RNZFB renovations, thus creating a highly relevant and meaningful piece.

Dallas describes himself as ‘…committed to being original and to breathing fresh life into what I fossick, hunt, gather and collect.’ This mission statement is conveyed through Dallas’s highly original pieces which appear to be a fusion of carpentry and high art.

Dallas has work in private and public collections throughout New Zealand, Japan, Australia, America, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy and England.