Dale Gallagher- Hand Embellished Giclée-Daydream Milford


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Email: centralartgallerynz@gmail.com

Phone: +64 (0) 3 442 7025

Dale Gallagher has an exciting new Limited edition, Hand signed and Embellished print series for sale. The master copy of the prints is Dale's amazing "Daydreaming-Milford Sound acrylic painting. With the embellished prints Dale has painted certain features on the print , signed and hand glazed over the top. It is very hard to tell the prints are not an acrylic painting. Each one will have slight differences in them as all hand embellished. This one has the Toi Toi in the foreground which has been painted in acrylics. These are an edition of 100 and each one has something different painted into it so all are different. There are three different sizes available. Small:530mm x 800mm $1150.00 Medium:700mm x 1060mm $1750.00, Large: 875mm x 1320mm $2200.00.