Alexandra Heyes - NZ Native Bush Robin


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Toutouwai (NZ native bush Robin)
with cobalt vidrio relic
Alexandra Heyes
Oil and tempera on 12 kt gilded white gold rondo panel,
(400mmx 400mm)
© Alexandra Heyes 2016 All rights reserved
The Bush Robin [Petroica australis] - New Zealand Robin or Toutouwai (Māori), (Petroica
australis), is a sparrow-sized bird found only in New Zealand, where it has the status of a
protected endemic species. The cobalt blue glass vessel and vial are ancient Roman relics.
The portrayal of endangered birds with these translucent fragile vessels, especially the
turquoise vial elude to healing and medicine. The precious quality of the subject matter is
again enhanced by being painted on a background of 12 Kt white gold.