Born and raised in the King Country, Wendy had a keen interest in the local culture and was influenced by the sea, lakes and wilderness nearby. She is a third generation New Zealander with strong roots in Celtic culture. With three grown children and six grandchildren, Wendy is a self-taught artist and has painted on and off for about ten years. She now resides in Hawkes Bay and a love of the New Zealand landscape and seascape, along with a strong passion for the conservation of indigenous wildlife and the environment is reflected in her paintings. Wildlife and New Zealand native birds feature regularly in her work and Wendy believes that capturing their 'essence' is critical in a world where these species are becoming more and more threatened by human interference in their ever-shrinking habitats. ‘Inch by inch and species by species, shrinking wildlife numbers and wild places are an indicator of the huge impact and pressure we are exerting on our planet, undermining the very living fabric that sustains us all: nature and biodiversity.’ ‘I am Inspired by the beauty of the environment and strive to create a 'sense of place' or 'animation' in my work’ - Wendy