Trish Harding

Trish is a Waikato based artist who five years ago after the birth of her youngest child began a battle with PND. Through encouragement and advice she picked up her paint brushes for the first time in years, and began exploring the world of art again. 

Through many hours of trial and error Trish found her happy medium through wood and acrylic. Working on wood makes her subjects the focal point while giving them a natural background.

Painting has allowed Trish to spend much needed time on herself and begin to see the world and all it's beauty through the darkness of depression.

Living in the Waikato has allowed Trish and her family to be close to nature, offering opportunities to draw inspiration from the natural surroundings that house our amazing wildlife.

Trish has always been passionate about animals and wildlife, coming in all different shapes, sizes and an array of colours, making for fascinating subjects. Through her work Trish attempts to capture these wondrous features showcasing their beauty and character.