Richard Williams

I’m a self-taught artist and I live locally in Arrowtown, 20 km from Queenstown. I’ve been painting since I was teenager (now almost 40 odd). I used to spend hours in my sleep-out when I was young immersed in the smell of turpentine mastering my newfound obsession with the New Zealand landscape. My art teacher at school wrote on my school report that my lack of attendance in the classroom was “indicative of my tendency to be unreceptive of advice and direction in his work”… lol! Artists such as, Graham Brinsley, Peter Siddell, Toss Wollaston and Jonathon White amongst other NZ artists inspired me.

I attended Otago University and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Graphic Design. When my kids came along my painting career slowed down a little and worked a real job as a Vineyard Manager/Viticulturist for 14 years. My parents had a house in 2011 and there were quite a few paintings and early artworks destroyed by fire. This spurred me into gear to create more pieces and try to be more career orientated at what I do.

I’m constantly analyzing the New Zealand landscape looking for my next scene. I try to depict the harsh light and beauty of it in my own way and style. When I look back on past paintings to the scenes now, they look very different to what they look like presently and it saddens me the way civilisation has made more of an impact on the natural environment in recent years. Landscapes not only as an artwork, but also as an historical document of place and time.