Rebekah Codlin

Rebekah Codlin - Artists Bio

 I am a 23 yr old self-taught realism portrait and figurative artist. I paint large works predominantly in oil and occasionally in water color. My focus is on capturing the inner person with expression, light play and detail. I enjoy painting a variety of peoples, including some from very different cultures to mine, however painted in a way that evokes a connection and realization of common ground between subject and viewer. I like to capture warmth and depth in my portraits, to hold the attention of the viewer and to communicate a message open to their interpretation.

I have been painting full time as my sole career since I was 17, and have sold works to 9 different countries and to a mix of collectors and everyday people alike; my works seeming to attract a broad spectrum of buyers. My first portrait painted aged 17 sold for $10'000 on the opening night of my first solo exhibition which really spurred me on to continue, and helped a lot with pricing my paintings, currently ranging from $9000-$14'000 nzd.

Brancott Estate heritage center (a prestigious winery in Marlborough) invited me to be their resident artist at age 18.I have painted weekly in their restaurant for diners to view my process giving me the opportunity to enjoy interaction with visitors and people interested in my art. I would be very happy to do the same live painting in a gallery setting should this be of value to the gallery.

 My aim for the future is to expand my art further to the rest of the world, particularly the United States, as I have received a lot of positive response and sales from Americans traveling through NZ.I am currently working on a series titled ‘A place of solitude’. Capturing the feelings of calm and contentment people find in their places of solitude. The first in this series is‘Charlie’.

 I continuously seek out people whose characters inspires me to paint the emotions and feelings common to all mankind no matter of their background or age. I look forward to continuing meeting people and characters with particular looks and personalities which compel me to paint them.