Nancy Tschetner - New Zealand Sand Artist.


Inspired by the natural landscape and elements found in New Zealand, Nancy has created a irreplaceable and exciting style and presentation of art. Using over 25 different shades of natural sand, obtained from around New Zealand. Nancy has a unique ability to use the colour variations of the sand to capture the distinctive attributes of that special place, person or landscape in a highly detailed and personalized sand portrait.

Nancy says; ‘In my sand paintings and portraits, I have pursued the simple and effective results that can be attained through contrasting the natural colours and textures of the sand.

Nancy did an apprenticeship and worked as a signwriter/ graphic designer for 7 years and she was able to up skill and refine her eye for detail and design. She sold her first commissioned pieces (abstract water colour) in 2001 in Germany.

Nancy first arrived in New Zealand in 2003 and found very soon that the lifestyle, nature & scenery of Aotearoa provided her with new inspiration for her art. When she discovered the black NZ iron sand, the concept of NZ Sand Art was born. Nancy created the first NZ Sand Art piece using black iron sand in 2004 and over the last 9 years, Nancy has perfected the art, bringing to life portraits and landscapes with her unique technique of marrying the textures and contrasting colours of over 22 different NZ sands.

Nancy paints with brushes and adhesives before applying the different shades of sand, line by-line, layer after layer, leaving each shade to dry before applying the next. Some pieces have a coloured, acrylic background to include colours that are not available through the use of sand alone. Sandings (Sand paintings and portraits do not fade and the natural colours of NZ sand are suitable for display in any home, business or gallery and will give any space a touch of sparkle through the distinctive textures.

Nancy has held 6 solo exhibitions and has been part of over 20 art shows and sales.

Her work is of high standard and demonstrates elements of fine art.

2005 First Solo Exhibition ‘Sandmaenchen’ Flax Cafe Taupo
2011 Solo Exhibition ‘Made by New Zealand’ Taupo Museum
2011 Part of Exhibition ‘Borderless’ New Zealand Academy of Fine Art Wellington
2012 Part of Exhibition ‘Embracing Diversity’ Taupo Museum
2013 Solo Exhibition ‘Embracing New Zealand Nature’ Crave Art Space, Auckland
2013 People Choice Award Winner at ‘Kiwiana’ Exhibition Milford Art Gallery Auckland
2013 Art Auction for a Good Cause
2013 Original Art Sale - Auckland
2013 Combined Art Exhibition “3 Wai” Red Rock Gallery Taupo
2013/14 Solo Exhibition “Created by Nature”, Wallace Gallery, Morinsville
04/2014 Artist of the month, Lilly Pad Garden & Art Studio, Cambridge
05/2014 "Creating Nautre with Nature", Kitchen Table & Communtiy Art Space, Napier
09/2014 Group Exhibition “Connections” – Taupo Museum
04/2014/15/16 Royal Easter Show - Auckland
05/2015 Original Art Show - Auckland
05/2015 Baradene Art Auction & Sale - Auckland
05/2015 Taupo Arts Trail 2014/15/16
05/2014/ 2015 Hibiscus Hospice Art Show- Auckland
06/2015/ 2016 Art-X National Exhibition & Art Sale - Napier
06/2014/15 Christchurch Artshow, Solo Pannel
06/2016 NZ Art Show