Mark Collinson - Sculpture in Oamaru Stone

Mark Collinson


Mark is a Christchurch based stone carver. Originally from Nelson  and after a break of 10 years or so, he recently picked up tools again following a family visit back to Parkside quarry , the home of Oamaru stone.

Mark lives with his family, and enjoys running, painting, gardening and barbequing. He operates Studioworks Picture Framing.





After delivery of a 2 tonne ‘Quarry block’, Mark breaks the stone down into manageable pieces with a massive old timber hand saw, and then sets about carving each piece with chisels, rasps, and brace & bit. The stone is sanded smooth and finally sealed.

The designs carved all come from Marks imagination. They tend to be natural flowing forms that are intended to capture and reflect light through and around them. Contrasting textures often play out in the finished pieces, from super smooth to ragged.


Care notes


Oamaru stone, carved thinly should be cared for as if glass.


Pieces have a protective base covering to prevent scratching, and should be placed on a firm surface that is stable and not likely to cause toppling or rolling. For piece of mind, seismic wax can be used to further secure a carving.


Each carving is sealed, primarily to prevent dusting, but care with staining materials (red wine, pollen, wax etc) is still needed. 


Carvings are not intended to be filled with water unless individually advised. If placed outdoors, some natural aging, weathering and lichen growth will eventually occur.


If you are tempted to illuminate an upright carving, a small battery ‘led’ light will work well. A warm color (orange/ yellow/red) will make the stone glow lava hot. If you should choose to use a candle, make sure it is a small smokeless type, and cannot tip over.