Joyce Drury

Using oils on treated silk canvas, in a 'rather cluttered' studio at home in Redcliffs, in the south island of New Zealand; Joyce Drury creates these charming miniatures.

Many of these gorgeous miniatures have found their way into private collections around the world.

Favourite subjects range from New Zealand landscapes, hunting scenes and an unabashed love of Clydesdale horses working in the fields, plodding along picturesque country roads, or at rest in the paddock.

Joyce is a lady in her 70s and has been painting since she was 14 years old.

Joyce tells us her paintings take as long to dry as they do to paint.
Joyce is one of New Zealand’s leading miniaturist artist.



It is with great sadness and regret for me to inform  you all of the sad passing of Joyce Drury this week.

Joyce was one of the most amazing and talented artists and one of the best miniaturists I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Rest easy my friend. I am sure there is an easel and plenty of canvas's to paint on where you are going :) God Bless xox

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