Gregory McDonald (Chiaroni)

Gregory McDonald (Chiaroni) is a Southland born, award winning, internationally exhibited artist and a self taught painter. The Chiaroni art movement was established in Dunedin by Ambrogio Chiaroni Snr and his nephews Ambrogio Jnr and Mansueto. Of Italian, Spanish, Irish and Scottish descent, Greg (Chiaroni) was born and raised in the rich and mystical country of Aotearoa, New Zealand. His gift of skill with brush and chisel can be traced to his Great, Great Grandfather, Mansueto Chiaroni, who moved to New Zealand from Germasino, near Lake Como in Italy. His gift of vision and sight comes from the knowledge of where he comes from and the years of dedication he has given to his pursuit of excellence. Chiaroni’s story has included study and commitment, challenge, disappointment, hardship, satisfaction and celebration. Ultimately it has bestowed a deep knowledge, love of and commitment to the marriage of contemporary artistry with timeless prescience for the true connoisseur des art.