Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc

It all started when…

Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc became best known in Wellington for their mural ‘The Mover’ on the wall of the Quality Hotel (till 2016 the Museum Hotel) nearby Te Papa. Wellingtonians chose ‘The Mover’ as the second-best public outdoor artwork of 2011.
Heimler was born in Paris, where he studied art before moving to Berlin. His mural on the Berlin Wall, ‘The Wall Jumper,’ catapulted his 30-year career as an artist. He is noted for thought-provoking paintings that feature social and historical themes. His ‘Wall Jumper’ is one of the most visited historical monuments in Berlin, a part of the East Side Gallery (over 3 million visitors per year).
Images from both the Berlin and Wellington murals are featured in the newest editions of the Lonely Planet guidebooks, 'Discover New Zealand' and 'Berlin Pocket'.
Heimler's art has been sold through Sotheby’s in New York as well as through galleries in Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt and Brussels, among others. In Berlin he designed a room in the Art Hotel Luise.
Proc has a background in cultural history and linguistics. She began working with Heimler conceptually for the Art Express, a travelling exhibition that exhibited in Berlin, Budapest and Essen. In 2010, Heimler and Proc relocated to Wellington, receiving residency by virtue of their talent. In their artistry, they connect the female and male principles.
The couple's work is inspired by their ongoing exploration of New Zealand, together with an eclectic mixture of German expressionism, cubist perspectives and pop art. Their paintings are flamboyant, colorful and packed with a distinctly New Zealand narrative within an international context. They underline individuality while showcasing a wide range of emotions.

Working Together

 Our long-standing collaboration allows us to intensify and dynamize our creations. When we first began to collaborate, we focused on the organization of exhibitions, such as in Art Express, a show that travelled to different countries. As we grew together, we added a verbal critique to our work: before painting, we offer a critique of each sketch that we prepare on canvas.

Working in tandem also encourages us to diversity, including by working on diptychs. This enables us to work on the same painting at the same time. Symbolically, our shared individuality exists in the gap between the two paintings of a diptych. This gap represents our personal limits, our individual borders; and yet, at the same time, the gap connects us. In sum, our art is a reflection of our quest to gain a deeper understanding of our single and united selves.

We strive to forge new paths and explore uncharted waters in our compositions, so that we may give the viewer an opportunity to experience new horizons. Our work is not didactic; rather, we raise questions. As we work, each of us contributes in a way that is organic and unplanned. We do not know precisely what our creation will bring until we reach the end. Our process is as much one of exploration as of discovery. Finally, we sign each piece “Heimler & Proc”: a united couple that creates art we cannot wait to share with you, our cherished viewer.