Errol Bulling

Born in Kennington Southland N.Z.

After 23 years in business in Waimahaka Southland, Errol moved to Queenstown in 1975.

Errol has been interested in fine art all his life. Having done many pencil portraits and paintings, now oil on canvas is his main medium.

Whilst some of Errol’s paintings hang on the walls of his home, they also grace the walls of homes in Japan, Canada, Australia, USA, England and New Zealand.

Errol's art is clearly defined into distinct styles with the soft realism of New Zealand scenes. Water lilies and Landscapes are two of Errol's favourite subjects.

Just recently Errol painted the world famous 'SHREK' the Merino sheep and this painting was readily acquired by the shepherdess' who discovered him.

Errol resides and paints in Queenstown.


It is with much sadness that i announce the passing of this wonderful man by the name of Errol Bulling.

Errol was not just a great Artist but a fabulous Musician and Gardener and teller of jokes.

Errol always had a smile on his face and a positive word and hug for everyone he met.

He had a real love of Lapidary and stone work and always had a wee piece of jade in his pocket to give away.

What an amazing man who will be remembered and missed by many.


Don't be sad because I have gone.

Be so happy because i have lived xox


Errol Frederick Bulling 15 December 1925 -16 August 2017 

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