Emma Louise Butler

Emma has been a practicing artist since completing her degree in Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK in 2001. ... After designing a paint range based on four of her paintingsEmma embarked on her professional career as an artist aged 21 and has been painting ever since.

Emma moved to New Zealand in 2005, and has a studio situated in the heart of Queenstown.


"I have always been creative. Studying Textiles for three years at university allowed me to develop my own visual language and an illustrative way to paint the world around me. I have an urge to explore colour in every way possible. Pattern and colour are all important in my work. I also look to explore narrative and create art that has a story to tell. I use both acrylic and oils, as well as mixed media."


The Ruby collection is a body of work which revolves around a central character, Ruby, a quirky little girl who is always on an adventure, at one with nature and accompanied by her faithful dog Scarlett. Often found strolling through a tree lined village with a bird on her head, Ruby exudes happiness. I have explored Ruby in many different mediums including acrylic on canvas and mixed media on board.

I was inspired to paint Ruby after moving to the South Island of New Zealand from England. I was struck by the intense colour the trees turn in Autumn, when the little gold mining village of Arrowtown ignites with reds, oranges and yellows. I wanted to convey the intense explosion of colour at this time of year without the boredom of its conveyance. So I created Ruby, who has the "awe and the wonder" as she wanders her way through a vibrant and colourful world.

My future goal for Ruby is to encapsulate her story in a big bright children's book and distribute world wide.