Clare Wilcox


Art began at school for me with an art teacher full of encouragement. Armed with confidence I completed my art studies which then lead into a career in the clothing design.Painting has always been my first love and I returned to it when I lived in the southern lakes of the Central Otago.Having been born and raised on a Southland farm I’ve always been drawn to gather inspiration from my natural surroundings.

The inertia behind my current body of work is the mutation that is taking place in our rural farm landscapes. The metamorphosis that is our land is undertaking from the dairying business is evolving in my work. Seen from the sky the engulfing pivot irrigators that crawl like caterpillars around from our once angular paddocks have become an overwhelming aspect of my paintings.Cellular, Circles of colour, Stock lanes, the sourcing of water evidently more crucial. Old ways against new ways.

Each piece begins with an image, moving through its development with design, colour and texture. I work in response to each new component as it appears, finally encasing the work to create a tile/glass like image.

These days I live in North Canterbury with my husband and two daughters, and paint from my home studio. I can proudly say that my paintings have sold throughout New Zealand and Internationally.


Claire Wilcox, from the Southland, has developed a unique contemporary style as a painter. Inspired by the evolving farmlands of South New Zealand, Claire envisages the landscape as it looks from above, and uses colour, texture and shapes to evoke emotion and memory. Learn more about what inspires Claire to create her stunning paintings. 

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