Allan Crombie


Allan Crombie has been drawing since he was a wee bairn in North Otago. Such was his talent that after working in various art related industries such as newspapers and advertising he moved to Nelson in the mid 70's to take up painting professionally. Allan uses mostly oils although has given us some magnificent watercolours over the years. He prefers to paint on board rather than canvas and alternates between palette and brush work. His style is continuously changing giving the viewer an exciting and diverse collection of work and his use of colours is eyecatching.



Allan has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand particularly the South Island which has given him great basis for his well known landscapes. He also draws from his own imagination and creates some wonderful and vivid semi-abstracts.



Allan currently resides in a rural property in the Selwyn District of Canterbury. Here he produces his art work amongst the peaceful backdrop of the Southern Alps and the open fields of the Canterbury Plains.